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We make Ancient Remedies that have been around for thousands of years. Made for people and animals alike.

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There are over 45 different healing remedies made from our very own pure honey and organic grown herbs.

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Our Mission

The fossil record tells us honeybees have been around for 150 million years or more. No one knows when we discovered the treasure hidden in their hives, but paintings of beekeepers lining the walls of a cave in Spain prove that we have been practicing the art of beekeeping for at least 7,000 years. Honey is versatile. It has been prized as a sweetener, as medicine, as an offering for the gods, as currency, and as a symbol of love. 

The health benefits of honey have long been realized by humans to treat a variety of ailments. Ancient Egyptian physicians used honey in medicinal compounds 5,000 years ago and the ancient Greeks believed that honey could promote virility and longevity. Honey has also been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine for over 4,000 thousand years. In Ayurveda medicine honey is considered to affect the body positively in all three material imbalances of the body. Overall, Ayurvedic medicine has more than 634 remedies with honey as an ingredient. 

We have spent over 10 years learning how to grow more than 150 ancient medicinal herbs and plants, along with creating apiaries of incredible healthy thriving bees that support our organic gardens. Our remedies are almost all over 2,000 years old in formula and in process. By growing our own organic healing herbs, and drawing from our own apiaries the healing honey in its purest unaltered form, we are able to make these incredible ancient healing remedies not found anywhere else.

Our mission is to offer to you ancient natural remedies, handmade with the purest ingredients and intention. A way to heal naturally, affordably, and without any other purpose than to be able to change your life and your health in a way that is in balance with the planet.